What Happens When You Sneeze in a Weatherford Coffee Shop?

Written by Brandi Addison – Parker County Daily Post


(PCDP) Left to right Paige Hunn, Hannah Floyd, Keighley Parsons, and Savanna Thomas. Photo by Stephen Burch

(PCDP) 11/12/2014

On November 11, four girls walked into Starbucks, getting a well-deserved cappuccino after spending an entire day at school.

Paige Hunn was still wearing her backpack; Hannah Floyd was wearing a Weatherford Christian tee and her letter jacket; Keighley Parsons was wearing her pleated skirt—from her uniform—and her letter jacket; Savanna Thomas was wearing that same pleated skirt and her letter jacket.

After receiving their drinks, the four girls stood around to chat amongst each other. Suddenly, to interrupt their conversation, was an abrupt sneeze that carried sound across the coffee shop. Floyd stopped in the middle of her conversation and turned her head, only to respond with “God bless you.”

A man sitting nearby took that particular phrase into recognition greatly and complimented her for the openness she encompasses in her use of the word “God.”

He said to her “I especially appreciate the first word you used before ‘bless you.’ It’s not too often, you hear that anymore,” which Floyd responded with “Well, it’s a lost word in our generation. So, I try to keep saying it.”

As she received that acknowledgment from him, her friends—with wide eyes and unspeaking lips—looked around and seemed surprised to see that she received such recognition for something so small.

The man then noticed the astonishment on their faces and jokingly said “your friends are thinking to themselves ‘Come on. Stop being a Jesus freak around us,’” and they all laughed, until Keighley nodded her head down to her binders and said “Actually, I’m carrying my Bible with me right now.”

The conversation continued and Burch joked again and said “I used to carry mine with me everywhere too. Then I finally started reading it.” The girls laughed again and Floyd said “It makes it that much better then, doesn’t it?”

All at the same time, the four girls said, “We actually go to Weatherford Christian,” and Floyd giggled and continued, “So we all definitely love Jesus!”

Floyd said it makes her upset when she realizes how lost the teachings of God has become; however, she is very eager to go out and teach the word even more. When asked later if she hopes by her use of the phrase “God bless you,” others will catch onto it and it will trend again, she responded with “Of course! I think it’s super important that God be recognized. Our nation was founded on religion—we need to uphold that in our generation!”

Being a part of the exact same generation these four girls are from, it makes me smile to think that the teachings of God aren’t lost completely. But, also, at the same time, it makes me sad that He is so seldom spoken of, that one should be commended when using his name.

As these four girls definitely do deserve the acknowledgment they received for being bold in their faith—in such a secular world we are now living in—God’s name shouldn’t be used so scarcely used.

“I am confident in my faith and want everyone to know my savior like I do,” Floyd said, she then continued for all of them, “It means so much that God is a part of our daily lives and for that to be recognized just makes us so happy!”

Thinking back to their free-spirits and great attitudes, we need more people in this world to be as bold and as faithful as Hannah, Keighley, Paige, and Savanna, in order we can bring back the words “God” and “Christ” into our everyday language.

Even the small steps you take in exposing your faith—such as saying “God bless you” or carrying around your Bible or even wearing your Christian school’s uniform—do not go unnoticed and can certainly affect believers and non-believers. And who knows? It can even have the potential of leading someone to Christ as their Savior.

Annual Faith Promise Dinner Receives Not 1 but 2 HUGE Blessings

Keynote SpeakerMr. Jonathan Evans

Keynote Speaker Mr. Jonathan Evans

Weatherford Christian School celebrated its 11th Annual Faith Promise Dinner on Saturday, November 1st at Canyon West Clubhouse and received not one but two tremendous blessings.  This event is one of two major fundraisers that enables the non-denominational Christian school to keep education affordable for residents of Parker County, while also allowing them to make capital improvements to both their elementary and secondary campuses. The event’s presenting sponsor was First National Bank of Weatherford, was attended by over 200 people and featured keynote speaker and Dallas Cowboy Chaplain, Mr. Jonathan Evans.

In years past, this event has become one of Parker County’s top fundraisers by grossing anywhere between $119,000 to $130,000, but this year far surpassed anyone’s expectations when the event grossed over $304,000.  “To say we are pleased is an understatement,” stated Director of Development Leslie Chalmers. “This is an absolute blessing and words truly can’t express our gratitude to those that made it possible.” She went on to say, “we had been working with one donor in particular on a year-end gift but had no idea that they would double their contribution and give early.” If over a quarter of a million dollars wasn’t gift enough for one evening, there was one more surprise in the works.  Upon opening one of the giving envelopes, development department volunteers pulled out a picture of a 15 person people mover van that was wrapped in WCS logos and colors and had been donated by three separate donors.  The van will be delivered this week to the school’s secondary campus in order to transport students on field trips and sporting events.  Up until this time, the school has relied on parents and volunteers for transportation.

Presenting Sponsor First National Bank Weatherford

Presenting Sponsor
First National Bank Weatherford

Lin Bearden, President of First National Bank of Weatherford emceed the event and Associate Pastor of North Side Baptist Church, Keith Warren led the opening prayer. WCS also took time to honor secondary English teacher Penny Fell for her 10 years of service and dedication to the school. Following Mr. Evans keynote presentation, WCS asked former Valedictorian from the class of 2010 and recent TCU graduate Chloe Johnson to give a first- hand account of the impact that the school has had on her after moving into the real world and her post high school education.

10 Year Award Recipient Mrs. Penny Fell

10 Year Award Recipient Mrs. Penny Fell

This event was made possible by numerous volunteers and sponsors and WCS would like to thank the following for their sponsorship of the event: Bobby & Martha McAvoy, Brian & Courtney McKeown, Bryant Grain Compnay, Check Up Cutting Horses, Chemical Weed Control, Integra Realty Resources, North Side Baptist Church, Parker County Today Magazine, PlainsCapital Bank & Slick Rock, LP.

JH Lions Football Team Triumphs Over Nazarene in Playoffs

The WCS JH Lions Football team remains undefeated as they came out victorious over Nazarene Christian Academy in the first round of the playoffs Thursday night at Hall MS.  The final score was 104-69.  The Lions will advance on to the next round to face the winner of Lucas Christian or Victory Christian.  Time and place to be determined.    JH Playoff Game #1 Group Photo - Nazarene